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B.L.V. Marketing, Inc. was established in November of 1985 as a young, aggressive, knowledgeable Confectionery Food Broker dedicated to the sales, marketing, and advancement of the principals represented in our marketing area. This area covers all headquarter calls in the State of Wisconsin including La Crosse and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

History: On January 7, 1986, B.L.V. Marketing, Inc. opened offices in the new Brookfield Lakes Corporate Center.
In December of 1997 we moved to our current location. Our office has 5,200 Sq Ft with a separate loading and receiving area plus in house storage space for display materials, samples, and premiums.

Mergers: In February of 1987, B&B Brokerage Company merged into B.L.V. Marketing, Inc.
In February 1990, Cream City Brokerage merged into B.L.V. Marketing, Inc.
In August 1994, Herb Gronik and Associates merged into B.L.V. Marketing, Inc.
In June of 1998, MFR Sales & Marketing joined B.L.V. Marketing, Inc.
In May 2003, McNulty Co. merged into B.L.V. Marketing, Inc.

B.L.V. Marketing, Inc. is a technology leader in our industry. We were one of the first brokers to become AWMA Market Plus member to increase our service level to our customers and manufactures.

B.L.V. Marketing, Inc. is completely computerized, using tablets and laptops with the "State of the Art" Kenray system. We have scanning capabilities, along with laser and color printing to provide our sales staff and principals with sales tools and current sales trends needed.

B.L.V. Marketing, Inc. has the in-house capabilities for generating sales bulletins and surveys, sorted and collated, for use with our customers, plus a toll-free Wisconsin watts line for their convenience. Most of our major customers new item and promotional forms are on our computer for professional presentations.

B.L.V. Marketing, Inc. continues to invest in quality people and services. Their expertise and dedication have provided our customers and principals with the sales, service, and marketing assistance they expect and deserve. B.L.V. Marketing, Inc. celebtrated its 30th anniversary in 2016.

B.L.V. Marketing, Inc. covers all classes of trade in our marketing area on a regular call pattern. Many of our customers depend on our salespeople to check for rotation, take physical inventories, give suggested orders, and handle any problems that might arise. We attend their sales meetings, and suggest innovative contests and motivational tools for our customers and their salespeople to help increase sales.

Some of these customers include:

  • Grocery Wholesalers
  • Grocery Chains
  • Mass Merchandisers/Dept. Stores
  • Candy & Tobacco Distributors
  • Specialty Distributors
  • Convenience Headquarters
  • Food Distributors
  • Drug Wholesalers/Promotional Sales
  • Catalog Sales/Gift
  • Discount Outlets
  • Variety Groups
  • Vendors

B.L.V. Marketing is a member of the following organizations.

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Our personnel are committed to our industry and its continued growth and are personally involved as follows:

  • Jim Booth is a past AWMA Candy Ambassador for Wisconsin
  • June Lamers is a past AWMA Candy Ambassador for Wisconsin
  • June Lamers is a past President & Board Member/Madison G.M.R.

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